About Our Pizzeria


It Began In High School

During high school, brothers Chris and Wayne Nelson set a goal to open a top-quality pizzeria. It would be an establishment that customers would choose to visit again and again. Consistent taste and attentive customer service would be the driving factors for success. Night after night, the brothers experimented in their mother’s kitchen to develop unique recipes for tastes that would bring customers back - time and time again.

Our First Store

In 1988 they celebrated the opening of their Boyne City store, and the telephones haven’t stopped ringing since. Over the years, the B.C. Pizza brand has expanded to over 30 locations.The B.C. used to stand for Boyne City, where the very first B.C. Pizza opened. The meaning has since changed to “Best Choice” for pizza. B.C. Pizza’s reputation as the “Best Choice” for pizza was built by using only the freshest, top-quality ingredients and the brothers’ secret recipes for homemade pizza sauce and crust.

Family Friendly

Customers continue to be impressed by the friendly service and the community support that each B.C. Pizza franchise exhibits in their local area. When B.C. Pizza first opened, it used old cop cars to deliver pizza to their customers. They would flash the lights in your driveway as they pulled in. Delivery drivers also dressed as keystone cops. Officer Pizzarelli continues that tradition today when he dresses up for special events and parties as the B.C. Pizza mascot.

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